Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop

Professional Roof Systems, boasts a full service sheet metal shop. We provide customers with fabrication and installation of most sheet metal roofing components including, but not limited to gutters, flashings etc.
•Gutters and Downspouts
•Coping and Cover plates
•Drip Edge
•Counter and Angle Flashing
Valley Metal
Chimney Caps
• Gravel Stop
• Hood Vents
• Scuppers
• Copper
• Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Aluminum
• Welding
• Soldering


Our custom sheet metal shop, which includes various forms of folding equipment and sheering, allows us to form specialized metal flashings and accessories in house. Sheet metal may be the sole roofing solution or it may be used in conjunction with residential and commercial roofing systems. Architects and designers have become increasingly aware of its practicality and decorative innovation.
The trend toward metal roofing has prompted Professional Roof Systems Inc to meet these needs by installing state of the art sheet metal equipment within its Sheet Metal Department. In addition to owning the necessary equipment, Professional Roof Systems uses its own highly trained crews for fabrication and installation, as opposed to subcontracting the job. This approach saves our customers money and ensures the job is done the right way.