Professional Roof systems, Inc., employs a comprehensive safety program and a full time safety director. All of our technicians are trained in OSHA safety procedures and undergo technical training before being able to service our customers, In addition we are proud to be recognized as a Drug Free Workplace.
1.Prevention of accidents
2.To outline duties and responsibilities of all parties on the job site
3.To emphasize pre-planning in accident prevention
4.Establish a plan for safety education to promote management and worker identification and elimination of hazards.
1. Safety Adviser
2. Job site safety supervisor: superintendent and foreman.
3. All employees in the company.
1. Company Superintendent:
    To enforce compliance by all parties with the principles of the job site Safety program.
2. Safety Adviser:
   a. Conduct monthly Company Safety Meetings.
   b. Make weekly safety inspections of the job sites.
   c. Gather information relating to accidents, remedies to potential hazards, ans submit to Company management.
   d. Lead in the corrections of unsafe conditions and work practices.
   e. Schedule all Company Meetings, Safety Bulletins, and Accident Data.
    f. Prepare Minutes of Company Safety Meetings. 
3. Field Safety Superintendent /Foremen: 
    a. Assist the Safety Adviser in correcting hazardous conditions.
    b. Conduct Weekly Safety Meetings (informal) with workmen on his job.
    c. Prepare minutes of Information Safety Meetings and Submit to the Safety Adviser by Friday of each week.
    d. Pre-plan operations with safety in mind at all times, for his own work operations.
    e. Attend Company Safety Meetings.
4. All Workmen on the jobs:
    a. Perform his work to prevent accidents to himself, fellow workers and property.
    b. Alert supervisors to dangerous situations.
    c. Cooperation with principles in Company Safety Program.
    d. Active participation in weekly Safety Meetings (informal).